Beef Jerky

This batch is a first attempt at making Beef Jerky from scratch. I bought a striploin (probably the wrong choice… try an Eye of Round next time) I trimmed as much of the fat and silverskin as possible and cut against the grain into strips about 6mm thick. The 5.788kg yielded 3.639kg of trimmed pieces.

I based the rest of the recipe on one I found on the internet, but adjusted quantities to match the 3.639kg of meat. My Cure #1 contains 5% Nitrite, not 6.25%, so I’m using 0.35% cure/(meat+water).

3639g Meat Strips
13.6g Cure #1 (5%)
61.1g Pickling Salt
61.1g Brown Sugar
61.1g Fresh Ground Black Pepper
20.4g Onion Powder
20.4g Garlic Powder
10.2g Ground Coriander
250ml Water
20.4ml Liquid Smoke

I mixed up the ingredients and added them to the meat strips. I evenly distributed the seasoning into the meat, then placed the meat into ziplock bags to cure overnight in the fridge.

Made it again, but used Eye of Round and cut the pepper in half. Started with 2390 of trimmed raw meat and ended with 920g of jerky. (2.6:1)

Dried in my dehydrator at 158F for 12h for the thin bits and ~24h for the thickest pieces.