Day 1 (zero?)


I guess I’ll have to decide if today is day one or day zero.  I guess I’ll call it day one, even though we’re not in Mexico yet.  Today, we left Saskatoon about 10am, and arrived in Calgary at about 4pm Saskatoon time.  Another 1/2 hour and we were to my sister’s place.  There’s nothing too exciting yet, but we had a good trip.  My daughter noticed the new Children’s Hospital which was very visable from Sarcee Trail.  It is painted all different colours and kind of looks like it was built out of lego.  Check the gps page if you want to see our track.

We’ll have a short nap tonight, and probably leave for the airport at 2:30am.  Our flight leaves at 6am, and we’re told to be there 3 hours before.  Yikes!