Day 3


On day 3, we started the day by Mom and I heading to Mona’s to buy some bacon and paper towel, we stopped at the tortillaria and bought a 1/2 kilo of Tortillas (5 pesos — about 50c), fresh off the machine, then to Fruiteria Ordonez for an onion and some peppers, then back home. After breakfast, we went down to the ocean, and the kids got good and wet, and sandy.

My daughter got her first taste of ocean water when a particularly large wave caught her off-guard. After cleaning up from that, we headed off for lunch. We tried a Taco stand our host had told us about, but it is only open for supper. We continued to Plaza Machado and had lunch at Beach Burger.

In my opinion, it was good, but not great. Some of us popped back to the house with the leftovers, while the rest headed on to downtown. We met up at the Basilica (Cathederal) but the doors were locked. Then we went to the Mercado (think really big farmer’s market) where my daughter picked up some gifts for her sisters and mom, and a dress for herself. I got a piece of Queso Chihuahua, which I had read about on a website that morning. (Tacos in Mexico are not made with ground beef and cheddar cheese!) On the way back, we stopped at the cookie factory, and bought cookies for everyone.  After we got back, the kids and I played in the pool for quite a while. Supper was leftovers, and quesedeas made with my new cheese. My internal clock was still out a bit, and I ended up going to bed at 8:30.