Day 4 – Venturing Out


This morning, mom, shayne, kim and their daughter went out for groceries. Being Sunday, though, the Fruiteria and Mona’s were closed. They went to Farmacia Guadalajera (think London Drugs without the electronics) and picked up a few things there, but they didn’t have bacon. On the way back, they noticed the Fruiteria was open, and they had bacon. Breakfast was pancakes with maple-flavoured corn syrup and bacon.

After breakfast, we took our first Pulmonia ride to the Acuario. My daughter got a real kick out of the open-air vehicle. We first saw the sea lion show,then the bird show.

After that, we wandered around the grounds and saw a variety of birds as well as some crocodiles and turtles.

Then we headed inside to finally see the aquatic life. There were many, many types of fish (including a “Nemo” and a “Dori”) as well as Rays, Octopi, Sea horses, turtles, and even a shark. We had some really awful hot dogs for lunch, then started our trek back. Kim, Shayne and their family went ahead. Mom, Dad, Me, and my daughter decided to go by pulmonia as far as the cliff diver. Rachel wanted to buy herself a necklace, and we knew there were vendors at the cliff diver. We hung out for a while waiting for a diver to do his show. In the meantime, we bought a necklace, climbed up another lookout hill and drank and then ate a coconut.

After the diver did his show, we walked back to our house. The kids played in the pool again. For supper we walked to El Shrimp Bucket. (In La Siesta hotel) My daughter had Fish and Chips and easily ate all the fish, I had a chicken dish that wasn’t offensive, but I wouldn’t order again. Next time I’ll have the Steak Fajitas. On our way back we made a 5 minute stop at the Freeman. We took the elevator to the 9th floor, then climbed the remaining few flights to the roof, where we got a wonderful view of Old Town Mazatlan.