Day 6 – Recovering


Well, I got a bit tomo mucho sol (the giant fireball in the sky, not the cervesa) on Stone Island on Day 5, so I took it a bit easier on Day 6. We spent the morning just hanging around the house. In the early afternoon, my daughter and I started out on another trek. I wanted to take her to Seashell City, which would mean our first trek into the Golden Zone. (The tourist area of Mazatlan)

pulmonia ride (open-air taxi built on a VW beetle frame — looks like an oversized golf cart) there would cost $80 pesos, so instead we decided to take the bus. I knew the Sabalo Centro would take us there, but didn’t know for sure where to catch it, so we hiked downtown to the Mercado, where we knew we could catch it. This also meant I could buy the hat I had seen the other day at Cecilia’s shop at the Mercado. My daughter also wanted a new hat, and picked out a beautiful blue sombrero. I’m sorry I never got a picture of her wearing both the sombrero and her dress from a few days ago. That would be a great outfit.

We waited outside Cecilia’s shop for the bus to arrive. They have seriously upgraded the Sabalo Centro buses since my last trip. That route is the main link between downtown and the Golden Zone, so they have replaced the old buses with modern, comfortable, air-conditioned ones. A ride on this bus costs $8 pesos. The old buses are still used on all the other routes. Those cost $4.50.

I didn’t know quite where to get off the bus in the golden zone, so we ended up having to walk a few blocks. My daughter seemed somewhat underwhelmed with Seashell City. It’s a store/museum mainly focused on seashells. Upstairs, there are display cases full of an amazing variety of shells, and the decoration around the aquariums and the large fountain in the center is mosaics made up of seashells. She later said she thought it was neat, but at the time she was more interested in visiting the store next door. The prices next door were reasonable — $35 for a Cajita Feliz, and $50 for a quarter pounder meal with queso. The only slightly Mexican thing about it was the availability of pickled jalapenos on the condiments counter.

Another bus ride, and a short walk, pausing at Farmacia Guadalajara for a popscicle, and we were home again. (“home in Mazatlan, not home in Canada” as my daughter would say.)

Everyone but us had tickets to the ballet tonight, so we walked with them to the Angela Peralta Teatro in the Machado, then walked casually back home, stopping to browse in the many artsy shops in the area. The Machado is beautiful at night, when they have all the rope lights on the trees turned on.