Day 5 – Sun and Surf


Today we spent the day on the beach on Stone Island. Stone Island isn’t actually an island. It’s a peninsula. But the road to drive there is long and treacherous, so most people simply take a boat.

The first time we went there, years ago, we paid $40US each for a harbour cruise with a stop on Stone Island. Since then, we have discovered the boats that the locals take to and from. At $15 pesos, it’s not quite as luxurious, but it gets us there just the same.

Stone Island has an amazing beach, and a sleepy little village. Based on the number of tractors and various farm implements, it seems to be agrarian, although we have never ventured far enough to see any farms. The Google Earth satellite photos show what appear to be farms to the east of the village.

We spent the morning on the beach, and playing in the ocean. We had lunch at Lety’s, a restaurant we have been at before. I had fried chicken, dad had a whole fried fish, and my daughter had chicken fajitas. She wasn’t really interested in wrapping the filling in tortillas, so ate most of it with a fork. I tried some of hers, and it was absolutely excellent. She also tried some of dad’s fish, and liked that too. In the afternoon, we went for a walk through the village, and then Kim, her daughter and one son, and me and my daughter went for a horseback ride through part of the village, then back along the beach. After that, it was time to head back to the dock for the short ride back to Mazatlan.

For supper, dad, myself, and my daughter went to the Taco stand I mentioned a few days ago. They were, without exaggeration, the best tasting tacos I’ve ever had. And cheap, too. Our bill for 5 tacos and 3 pops came to $72 pesos. (about 90c US each)

Kim, Shayne, and their kids went to Plaza Machado for supper.