Day 8 – Denouement


This morning, Kim, Shayne and the gang left for a day on Isla de las Shivas. My daughter and I went for a walk on the beach. the waves were a bit too rough to really play in the ocean, so we stayed right on the edge and collected seashells that were being washed ashore.

In the afternoon, I wanted to buy a couple things… a Mexican flag, and a good bottle of tequila. I was armed with a list of 5 good brands of tequila (from an article in the Pacific Pearl) and set out for downtown. Dad said I should buy the tequila at Merza Pack, a largish grocery store downtown near the market. Mom said I could get a flag at the Papeleria a couple blocks away from the market. With those detailed instructions I was off. First, I couldn’t find Merza Pack, then I couldn’t find the papeleria. I stopped by Cecilia’s to see if she knew where I could get a flag. She suggested Papeleria Velasquez, pointed east, and said “uno, dos, tres blocks.” I confirmed the Spanish for Mexican Flag (Bandera d Mexico) and set off on my trek. After weaving around for a bit (see the gps track), I pretty much gave up hope, and just began enjoying my walk. I emerged from downtown at Fisherman’s Beach, and walked the Malacon back home, empty-handed.

When I got back, I told mom that Merza Pack didn’t exist. She offered to take me there. Because my feet were already killing me (they didn’t enjoy the walk as much as I did) we took the bus. BUT… by this time we had discovered we could catch the bus right outside our house! (Seriously… go out the front door, turn left, walk ten paces to the corner, and wave at the approaching Sabalo Centro.) When we got to Merza Pack, I was sad I hadn’t been there earlier in the week. (I LOVE grocery shopping. Don’t ask me why. I just do.) I grabbed a nice bottle of Sauza Hornitos a couple cans of Salsa Casera, and we walked back home. (Still didn’t know how to catch the bus home.) For supper I wanted to burn as many pesos as possible, so suggested we eat at Restaurante Il Mosto. I had a wonderful steak, medium rare. (wanted the lamb, but they didn’t have…) Mom and my daughter each had the princess chicken breast (stuffed with romano cheese, covered in a white sauce) which was also wonderful. (I ended up eating half) For dessert, we ordered the mango flambe, which is prepared at the table. Due to the swift breeze that night, I don’t think we got the full effect of the show, but I’m sure my daughter will still long remember the “ice cream that was on fire!”

I don’t want to go home yet. When I told the shop owner at Mona’s we were leaving tomorrow he asked why. My best answer was because that’s when our plane leaves. He asked when I was coming back. I wish I knew… I guess it’s time to start saving for next time. It was diecisiete pesos for my chili sauce and oregano. I asked back “seventeen?” “si” I got it right. One week is way too short.