Day 9


I don’t even want to write this page. What is there to say?

A first for Mazatlan…? our ride to the airport actually showed up 40 minutes early. Who wouldv’e thought? Our trip to the airport was uneventful. Baggage check was uneventful. (They actually go through your baggage by hand rather than using x-rays or whatever other magick our Canadian airports use.) We ate our breakfast in the lounge before security. My daughter dropped her donut on the floor. It landed icing-side down. She cried. I gave her my creme-filled pastry. She said she didn’t like it, but ate most of it anyways. Security and boarding was jam-packed because there were four flights going out in short order. Take-off was smooth, as was most of our flight. We got a good look at the Grand Canyon. The most exciting thing for me was I had a good GPS signal most of the way.

Touchdown was smooth. Customs was quick. (No questions about my oregano and tamarindo) Baggage claim went without a hitch. We caught the shuttle bus out to our van, and went on our way. That was our biggest mistake. We should have stayed in Calgary overnight. The last few hours of the trip were no fun for anyone awake. Anyways, it meant I could get my daughter back to her mom a half day earlier. I’m sure she missed her mom, and I’m sure her mom missed her. Oh well, spring is coming, and our next big project will be all-consuming for a while, I’m sure.