Chicken Soup


I had some bones and skins left over from the stirfry, (4 thighs worth) so I covered them with about 5 cups of water and boiled them very gently for about 4 hours. Later in the boil, I removed the skins, scraped the meat off the bones, (try to remove the cartilage) and added salt, 4 peppercorns, one very large carrot, one onion, two small bay leaves, 1/2tsp of MSG, and several sprigs of parsley. I kept adding salt to taste, ending up at about 2 tsp. Finally, I added 1/8tsp five spice. This soup tastes wonderful. (The five spice makes it!) I wish I had celery to add… I love celery in my chicken soup.

Update: I’m making it again with celery this time. Here’s hoping.

Update 2: It just keeps getting better. Added 2 peeled tamarind pods to add tartness and added 2 cups of macaroni letters (Alphabet soup noodles) to make it interesting to a 6 year old. Mashed up the tamarind a bit and tried to remove the seeds. Could use even more tartness, and 2 cups of letters was a bit too much… try 1 1/2 cups next time.