Today’s stirfry


This one was good enough to write down.

one onion, cut in wedges.
half each green pepper, red pepper cut into pieces
one head of broccoli florets (no big stems)
splash with sesame oil.
squeeze juice of one lime
shake of MSG and salt to taste
(soya sauce added while frying)

two cloves garlic, diced
ginger, cut into tiny sticks

four chicken thighs cut into pieces
marinated in oyster sauce (lady in the boat — always!) and a shake of chicken oxo.

fry garlic and ginger in tiny amount of oil (would use peanut, but leftovers are going to school, so I used light olive instead) until just turning golden. Then add the rest of vegetables. Add soya sauce part way through. (used pearl river golden label) Keep veggies moving. (toss) Check for taste and salt as needed. When done, remove from wok. add chicken to wok. Fry (tossing) until almost done. Add veggies back in, and toss while finishing chicken. Served over rice with “My Way” young coconut juice to drink.