Mazatlan 2009 – Day Two — Getting low on clever titles


March 12th, 2009. Day Two

I started typing the past two days’ entries at about 6am this morning. The sun rises about 6:15, so there is already some light. Our house is near a fairly busy road, so there is a constant rumble of traffic all through the night. As the sun rises at 6:15, though, the predominant sound shifts to the incessant “cooing” of the pidgeons (Doves? Winged Rats? My brother-in-law figures it just depends on whether you like them or not.) and chirping of some other bird I don’t recognize. A few of the smaller birds fly into the house to pick at our crumbs. They’re pretty skittish, so my attempts to get a good picture have been in vain. I did manage a few blurry ones, though.

Today consisted of more pool time, as well as some time on the beach collecting shells. It was low tide and the rock pools held a few treasures.